Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy week alert!

This week is probably going to be one of the busiest weeks I've had in a very long time. Usually, the only thing I have to worry about during my week is going to work. But this week, there's just a bit more to do than that!

This morning I have to go into work and put away stock truck, not too bad, but now the truck doesn't come in on Mondays until 9 AM, which makes it a little more difficult to do since I have to work around everyone being busy and getting their work done as well. Then this afternoon I have an appointment with my new doctor to go over all of the test results that came back from my 8 hour emergency room visit a week ago.

Tomorrow looks to be about the easiest day of the week, which is a good thing, because I'll need to rest during the day. Why, you ask? Because even though I work a close shift tomorrow (4:30 PM to 10 PM), I have to turn around and be back to work on Wednesday at 5:30 AM. (TOTALLY not complaining there!) On Wednesday I work until either 11 AM or 2 PM, then I have the afternoon free.

Right now, it's looking like I have Thursday off work, but won't know that for sure until I go in today because they schedule wasn't posted yesterday when I left work at 2:30. I hope I do have Wednesday off because I have so much do to around here, and I'll need to rest up for Friday! On Friday I have work early, stock truck again, then I have to be home by 11:30 AM because I have to leave with the hubby because he has an outpatient "procedure" that's scheduled to take roughly 3 hours, and I have to take him to it, I can't leave the building the whole time it's going on, and then I'll have to bring him home and keep a close eye on him for a few hours while the anesthesia is wearing off! What I'm going to do for those 3 hours he's in there, I have no clue. I don't think they have WiFi, because if they did, I'd take the hubby's laptop to keep me entertained! But with as busy as I'm going to be, I just don't think I'll need to worry about having to read the latest slimming pills review, or anything weight loss related. Shoot, when am I even going to have the time to eat?? LOL

While all of that seems busy enough, I also have about two weeks to get this house organized and packed because we're going to be moving the first week of May, if not sooner! So I have that extra added "stress" on top of all the other stuff that's going on. And as soon as I get the proper paperwork for the new house, I'll have to make the necessary calls and stuff to get the utilities switched over to my name. And it looks like we'll be going with the local cable company for our phone/internet/TV services, so I'll have to come up with the money down to get that started! But thankfully we do have our cell phones in case I can't get that going right away, and if I need internet, I can always use the WiFi at work if need be!

So, that's my week in a thumbnail, what's in store for yours?

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