Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A month??

Oh my goodness, I'm SO sorry! It didn't hit me until tonight that it had been a month since I had been here. Life for me has been INSANELY busy and just as stressful!

Work has been good and bad, but mostly good. I keep getting scheduled for these goofy split shifts after I've told them more than once that it's almost impossible for me to work them. See, what they do is schedule me to come in at 5 AM an do stock truck, then they schedule me to turn around and come back in at 11 AM and work another shift that is anywhere from five to six and a half hours long. But, to me, putting away stock truck is like a 3-4 hour workout, so when I get home, I'm exhausted! And to have to turn around and go back to work and do a full shift is like working in my sleep.

All of the test results are back from all the tests hubby had on his heart. Although there does show signs of a very old and very minor heart attack or angina attack, his heart is currently in excellent condition! His upper GI, however, did not come back so good and he has to see another specialist to address that. Unfortunately the earliest opening that doctor had is late May, and that's just for the consultation.

The weather has definitely been better, we even had a couple of days over 60 degrees last week. But we're back down into the 30's and 40's right now with heavy rain. There are many streets and rivers in the area flooding, and my own yard and driveway look more like a pond these days, but I'm glad it's rain and not snow!

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been around, I'll try to do better at keeping this updated!

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