Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Knew I was forgetting something

I forgot to tell you about a fairly major change we made in the house recently. See, since we moved into this house, in the fall of 2007, the hubby and I had our desks back in the family room, and the kids had theirs up in the front living room. One by one, the kids' desks and computers were moved into their rooms.

I had been entertaining the idea of the hubby and I moving our desks up to the front living room and turning the family room into a true family room (i.e. a place for the four of us to go to get away from the computers and spend quality time together). I talked to my hubby about it and he was all for it until our sons TV decided it was time to say goodbye.

We couldn't afford to buy a new TV for the front living room, we're not fortunate enough to have a place nearby that sells wholesale tvs, and I'm one of those "I want it NOW" types, so I'm just not patient enough to order things like that online. So we just gave him the TV from the front living room. And since hubby and I are TV/news addicts, not having a TV in the room where the computers are just isn't an option.

But thanks to my mom, we were able to pick up a nice small TV for our son and get the TV back from him that belonged in the front living room. So we made the switch, and now we ALL have a room to get together in and relax and get away from the computers. I regret not doing it sooner because we spend more time in the family room now than any other room in the house!

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