Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sorting through photots

I'll admit that back in the days of regular film cameras, I was REALLY bad at taking film in and having it developed. Honestly, it was just too expensive most of the time. But now that the era of digital cameras is upon us, it's much easier for me to see and use the photos I take! I still don't print that many, but I do use them in other ways.

The other night I was going through the multiple folders of photos I have on my computer, trying to get them a little better organized, and I found a FANTASTIC picture of my mom that I had taken last Fourth of July. I also have some amazing photos of the kids going back many, many years now.

Since my oldest is, hopefully, just two years away from graduating form high school, I've been thinking that it would be a good time to get started on some scrapbooking projects that I've wanted to do for a few years now. When my nephew graduated from high school a couple of years ago, his mom had made this AMAZING scrapbook using photos of him over the years, along with sports pictures, news paper clippings and other important things from his life like prom invites and stuff like that.

When we lost our home in 2003 I lost all of the pictures from the early years of the kids' lives. I know that I can go to my mom and my sister and get the photos they have to make up for the ones that I've lost, so that will help out. But I honestly think that a scrap book of their first 18 years of life would be something really cool to give the kids when they graduate, and it would be something really cool to have on display at their graduation open house!

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