Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not liking split shifts

While I like most aspects of my job at Panera, days like today are one thing that I don't like, nor do I think I ever will. I had to go into work this morning at 5:30 AM to put away stock truck. This is something I've done for several weeks now and I've really come to enjoy it "most" of the time.

I got done putting today's truck away by 8:40, which is a pretty good time for me. Normally after I do truck I come home, grab a bite to eat and then either get some work done around the house or even take a nap if I'm tired enough. But today I don't get to do that because, for some reason or another, the manager that does the schedule brought me back in at 11:00 AM to work a five hour shift.

Yes, I do know that five hours isn't that long and I am very thankful to have this job, but I've actually talked with the manager that does the schedule about coming back in and pulling a shift after going home from doing truck. I told her that the last time she did this on my schedule it was almost impossible for me to stay awake because other days that I work until 4:00 PM, I don't get up at 3:00 AM to go into work.

She said it was actually an accident the one time she scheduled me like that and that it was good to know that it was difficult for me to do this type of a split shift. But apparently it didn't matter much to her because she turned around and did it to me again today. And yes, if you follow my other blogs where I've talked about one specific manager that I do not see eye to eye with, this is the same manager that does the scheduling. I've gone from opening 3-5 days a week to opening only on Sundays and working mid day shifts the rest of the week, except on truck day, since she took over the schedule. Honestly, I swear this manager has some sort of problem with me or is trying to see just how far she can push me. I might be wrong, but others have mentioned it to me as well.

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