Monday, February 09, 2009

I wish it was as easy for me!

My husband has always had the most amazing luck when it comes to finding the perfect watch! If he's looking for a watch that he can wear to work, all he has to do is walk into one store and he'll find one that he not only likes, but one that also offers him the features that he needs in a work watch. The same goes for finding a watch for casual wear.

Me, I couldn't find the perfect watch if my life depended on it. I don't care if I were on a dime store budget or if I was able to afford the finest Breguet watch available, I still wouldn't be able to find the right watch. If I like the dial, I don't like the band, and if I like the band, I don't like the dial. Then, if I like both the dial and the band, it doesn't have the features I need or want.

Honestly, it gets so frustrating to know that all he has to do is walk into one store and within a few minutes he'll have exactly what he wants and needs, but I can go from store to store to store and can never find a thing!

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