Friday, January 23, 2009

Weight loss woes

With the discovery this morning that I ended up gaining a couple of pounds this past week, rather than losing a little more weight or maintaining the weight loss that I've had the past few weeks, I'm a little bummed! I've been pretty sick, and have had a very minimal appetite, so to see that the scales went up a couple of pounds was quite shocking!

I don't think that my weight loss goal is unrealistic, if anything, it's very attainable. Because of the possibility of an upcoming trip, I've altered my original goal of losing 47 pounds in 4+ months to losing 37 pounds in 3+ months. Even losing the lesser amount of weight is going to make a huge change in my life and my health.

But I do know that if I have any more weeks like this week, where I gain a few pounds rather than lose a few, I'm going to have to consider taking something like Ephadrasil hardcore to give my weight loss a boost. I want to look nice if I do get to go on this trip, and right now I just don't look as good as I'd like to because of carrying around this extra weight.

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