Sunday, January 11, 2009

We wanted to move...

My husband and I had been tossing around the idea of moving from this area for the past few weeks. We know and realize that the economy is bad all over the US, but our area is being hit pretty hard because of how deeply seeded into the auto industry it is. Our town alone holds four auto factories and we're just a stones throw from Detroit, MI, the "former" auto capitol of the world. I say former only because Detroit is becoming a shell of what it used to be and the jobs related to the auto industry that once were abundant, are now drying up like the rain after a storm in the dessert.

Although I have a decent job, my husband is still struggling to find a job himself. He's been fortunate in the fact that he's "gotten in" at a local temp company and they've been sending him out to work at least 2 days a week, sometimes three or four. I'm not complaining because right now, anything work wise is better than nothing. But we're still struggling BIG TIME! And knowing that the economy in this area still hasn't hit rock bottom is not a comforting feeling.

So we talked about moving away, somewhere that hasn't been hit as hard with the problematic economy, and possibly somewhere warmer. We talked about our options and how we'd have to get some good sturdy shipping boxes to make sure those important things to us that are breakable would be well protected for the long drive. But the more we talked about it, the more we realized it just wasn't something we could to right now. First, we have one child half way through High School, and another one that's finishing up Middle School. To tear them away from their schools and their friends at this point in their lives would do more harm than good, so we really need to wait for them to finish up High School, at the least! And second, well, we're BROKE! Yes we'll have money coming back on our income taxes this year, but would it really be enough to completely relocate to a different area where we don't even know if we would have jobs, let alone a place to live? And finally, we have a "few" four legged family members that we honestly can't stand the thought of parting with. But we coudln't take them with us because we'd have no guarantee that wherever we were moving into would allow us to have one dog, let alone four!

So although we thought we wanted to move to somewhere new, once we actually talked it over, reality showed us that now just wasn't the time.

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