Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm speechless

Tonight was our Bread Bash at work, this is something we do approximately ever 10 or so weeks. It usually includes sampling of new food and drinks that we are going to start offering on the menu. Personally, I think they are really fun and I enjoy them. Tonight's was just the second one that I've attended, the first being just a week or two after I actually hired in. At the first one I felt a little uncomfortable, mostly because I just didn't know anyone, so I didn't really say much of anything, I just listened to what was being said. Tonight, however, was a completely different story. No longer was I the "rookie" in the group, and I also knew how everyone was, except the new girl who doesn't start until Friday.

Tonight was fun though, and I was anxiously anticipating getting a sample of our two new barista drinks, white chocolate mocha and white chocolate hot cocoa! Can you say YUMMY!!!!! We're also going to be offering a new sandwich, BBQ Beef Brisket, and the YUMMIEST mac and cheese I think I've ever eaten! But anyway, I wanted to talk about being speechless, not food...LOL!

Like I said, we have these approximately every 10 weeks, five times a year. And for this last period, the four managers voted me as one of the employess of the period! ME, the former new kid! Not one of the people that have been there for a long time and know what they do, but ME! I don't even know how to feel! I do know that I was embarrassed...LOL! My gal Jenni, who was sitting next to me, said my face turned red...LOL! But I do know that I feel VERY honored! And the gift that came with it was pretty nice too...LOL!

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