Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year To You!

Hello and Happy New Year, hope your 2009 has gotten off to a good start! Mine has been fairly quiet, so I'm definitely not complaining! Especially after how 2008 ended..LOL!

We had a quiet New Years Eve at home, my daughter had a friend over and we were just going to kick back and relax for the evening, which we pretty much did do. But the kids started arguing with each other, one would get ticked off about something the other said or did and they'd come running out here saying "You'd better tell so and so they need to knock it off or I'm going to kick their butt", then the next one would come out here saying the same thing.

My husband and I were both a little tired, not too much, but we had gotten up early that day and worked. And while we were at work the brat kids didn't do anything around the house other than make more work for us, which didn't make us that happy either.

My husband and I debated about whether or not we were even going to stay up until midnight or just go to bed since we both were tired. One minute he'd turn his laptop off, the next he'd turn it back on. But as the evening progressed my husband just got grumpier and grumpier. Finally, in the last half hour of the year, I had had enough! I looked at him and told him that if he wanted to go to bed, he needed to just go to bed, but that I didn't appreciate the fact that he was being a miserable jerk and ruining any chance of my enjoying my New Years Eve. I also made the decision that this yer, on New Years Eve, I'm NOT staying home with his grumpy butt...LOL! He did eventually chill out and we brought the new year in on a somewhat happy note, but we went to bed shortly after.

We both enjoyed New Years Day off from work and managed to get a few things done around the house, even with me sleeping until almost 2:00 PM. We also took the kids out to dinner, took my daughters friend home, and then hit the stores to return/exchange the clothing that my daughter got for Christmas that didn't fit. Then we both went back to work today and we both have tomorrow off work, well paid work, because there is a TON of stuff we have to get done here around the house tomorrow. No rest for the wicked ya know? LOL

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