Thursday, December 25, 2008

We're thinking about moving

My husband and I were talking last night after my melt down. There's so much going through my mind lately, and we've talked about moving from the area several times. But one thing or another has kept us from following through with our desire to get out of here.

I know that the economy isn't that great all across the US, but here in NW Ohio, it's getting worse by the moment. This area is so heavily tied in to the auto industry job wise, not just because of the auto makers, but because of the types of products that are made in this area that go to keeping the auto industry working.

So my husband and I got to talking about it last night and we decided that it's time we seriously look into what all it would take for us to move away from here and relocate our family to a completely different area of the US. We've got a few different areas in mind, none of which I'm going to "reveal" at this time, but all of them hold promising job leads for both my husband and myself.

I know that I have the option of "taking my job with me" with the company I'm currently working at. It's something that was stressed to us during our employee orientation. So if we move to an area that has a franchise of my company in or near it, I could continue to work for my company and not lose my seniority or benefits. There is also the option of my applying for different types of administrative careers since I do have some job experience and training in this field. But we also need to find an area that has job openings in my husband's field of work as well, which really shouldn't be that difficult.

I'm not sure if we'll actually follow through with moving this time or not. I do know that if ever there was a time in our lives where the timing was right to do so, the time is now. We honestly have nothing to lose right now by moving away from the area, if anything we'll gain from getting away from here, or at least I hope we would. Now all I have to do is convince my son of this, he's the only one of us that isn't happy with the thought of doing this at all!

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