Saturday, December 06, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland

The first week of December is almost over, so I'm honestly not complaining because considering this is NW Ohio, we're very lucky that we're getting our first significant snowfall of the season today. There have been years where we've had several inches of snow in the ground for Thanksgiving as well as Black Friday, so it really should be no surprise that it's snowing!

The snow started early this morning and has fallen on and off all day. I'd say we're nearing the 2 inch mark, which really is nothing, especially considering it's been falling all day! At one point they issued a Winter Weather Advisory for some of the counties in my area, but as of yet, not my county.

I had to go outside a little while ago to bring in some firewood and it just amazed me how peaceful it is outside right now! You can actually hear the snow falling, and it looks pretty as well! If it weren't dark outside, I'd take a few pictures! But I honestly did feel like I was walking in a winter wonderland! There's something about the first "real" snow of the year that's very pretty. It can stick around for a few weeks, through Christmas and New Years, but after that, I'd really like the snow and cold to GO AWAY! Hopefully this winter we won't be getting massive snow storms in March like we did last winter!

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