Monday, December 01, 2008

Time to make some changes

Although I'm off work today, it's going to be a busy work day here at home! Last night we were able to obtain a VERY nice used sofa, love seat and chair with ottoman for free from an online ad. We needed some decent furniture pretty bad! The couch that we had was so bad that it just wasn't even comfortable to sit on any longer! And this furniture is in REALLY good shape with no tears or holes and just a few very small stains! It's very comfortable and over sized and I've already claimed the chair an ottoman, which will be a really comfy place to kick back and relax with a good book, something I haven't had or been able to do for quite a long time now!

The only "downfall" about this furniture is that it is VERY big compared to what we had and won't fit in the front living room. So my husband and I have decided to go ahead with something that we've talked about for a few months now. See, our desks and computers are back here in the family room, which is a nice big room! But since we're heating the house 100% with the wood burner, this room gets VERY toasty, which isn't very comfortable most of the time.

So we've decided that we're going to move our desks up to the front living room and set the family room up for what it was meant to be, a room for the family to relax, watch TV and play the Wii, which we play together quite a bit! The room will be a place for us to "gather" to get away from the computers and being online, filled with the fantastic furniture we were given last night!

In order to be able to do this though, both the living room and the family room need to be completely torn apart! And right now I have a desk, a table and a small stand that hold my computer, my monitor, my printer and all of my various office supplies. In order to move my stuff up to the front living room it's going to entail condensing and organizing my stuff down to just my desk and the printer stand, which is going to be quite a chore.

But I think doing this is really going to be a good thing! We really do need a place that we all can come to get away from our computers, a place where we can sit as a family and enjoy a good movie or play one of our Wii games! And this room is big enough that we'll really be able to get into the games without having to worry about hitting our hands on furniture and stuff when we REALLY get into the game, which happens every time we play, especially the bowling and baseball games!

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