Friday, November 21, 2008

The trends are changing

I watch the morning news every day, I have for many years! As I'm sitting here this morning watching the Today Show, I'm kind of in shock! Next week is Thanksgiving, and the trend for the next week on the news is going to be to talk about Thanksgiving dinner.

In years past the talk has always centered on how to make an elegant meal as well as how to make your home look elegant. This year, however, they're talking about how to make your meal as inexpensively as possible and how to decorate on a shoestring budget.

I'm impressed! Rather than trying to show people how they can come across as their version of "Martha Stewart", they're actually talking about how to be practical. And Martha, I have absolutely nothing against you, it's just that many of your decorating ideas are very elaborate and costly and many of your recipes and meal ideas are a bit intricate and time consuming.

I guess people are looking to try and do things the way that I have done them for years! You don't have to get fancy or buy expensive foods to "impress" people. As long as you do what you do from your heart, you'll find that people feel at ease and will enjoy themselves! There really is no need to give people the impression that you are something you're not. Just be yourself and everyone will have a good time!

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