Monday, October 20, 2008

It's going to be an interesting evening!

It's rare that my oldest child has a friend come over. He's a quiet kid who would much rather spend his free time on the computer or outside with the dogs. So I was quite surprised last week when he asked me if he could have a friend come over after school on Monday (today). The first words out of my mouth were "which friend", and that's when my jaw dropped. Are you ready for this? He's bringing a girl home from school...LOL!

Writing that just reminded me that I needed to take a package of burger out of the freezer because my son asked me if I'd make my nachos for dinner tonight...LOL! Anyway, back to this girl. I have heard him talk about her many times, she's a friend from school and they message each other back and forth quite a bit through messenger programs and on MySpace. From what I've heard and seen, she comes across as a very nice young lady, and I have to admit that she's VERY cute.

So we spent a good part of the weekend getting the house cleaned up nice, not because my son thought we should, but because it's something that I'm very picky about. I do general cleaning on a regular basis, but if I know that someone is coming to the house, I dig in and do deep down cleaning! I hate it when my house isn't neat and tidy when people come to visit, which is probably the reason I dislike unannounced visitors so much...LOL!

Yesterday I tore the front living room apart after I got home from work. It was REALLY dusty with cobwebs everywhere! I went around with my dust rag wiping everything down really good, knocked down all the cobwebs then moved all of the furniture out and swept the floors really good. I also pulled the throw cover off the couch that's in the front living room and washed it so that if they sit out there on it they won't end up covered with dog hair...LOL! By the time I got that room done I had worked out so much that I definitely wouldn't have had to worry about taking any type of pills for diet or weight loss! But the front living room looks GREAT, so that's all that I care about!

Today I need to sweep and mop the kitchen, hallway and family room, as well as both bathrooms, get the clean dishes from last nights dinner put away and finish up a couple of loads of laundry that are left before the kids get home from school. I'd also like to get my desk cleaned off if I can and get the bookshelf that's back here in the family room moved up to the front living room. I guess I'd better get off the computer and get busy considering the kids will be home from school in a little more than four hours...LOL!

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