Saturday, October 04, 2008

All is fixed!!

I tell you, it's been an interesting couple of weeks around my house! About two weeks ago my daughters computer took one last sigh and died! My hubby spent a couple of days trying his hardest to get it to reformat, but it just wasn't going to happen. We can't afford to replace her computer right now so we were left with no alternative but to let her use one of our computers. She would use my hubby's laptop computer much more than she'd use my desktop, which didn't make him very happy.

It wasn't that he minded her using his laptop, it was her overall attitude of "I have the right to use it when I want to", that he did mind! If he was doing something online but would get up and step away from his desk, when he'd come back, she'd be sitting there doing her own thing. And when he'd look at her and say "UMMMMMM, excuse me, I was doing something there", she'd sometimes look at him and say things like "Move your feet, lose your seat".

Anyway, we realized that we had a TON of good working computer parts around the house, as well as a couple of towers that were just missing their hard drives, so my hubby decided to list them in a local online forum in hopes of either being able to sell them and buy our daughter a decent used system, or trade them for a working system. We ended up finding the latter option. A gentleman contacted my hubby telling him if he did indeed have all of the things he listed, that he would gladly trade them for a decent working system.

Things around here have definitely calmed down since she got a computer of her own again! It's not a top of the line system, but it is a decent little system that works well for her needs, which is what's important! What's even more important is that hubby doesn't have to share his laptop anymore...LOL!

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