Monday, September 29, 2008

Something other than the stress?

Earlier I talked about how a family member quickly noticed the fact that I had lost weight even though I didn't realize I had. For the most part, I've written my recent weight loss off to the fact that my life has been filled with an extreme amount of stress lately. But after I wrote my earlier post I talked to my hubby a little bit about it, just to get his thoughts.

He said that he does thing a good part of it is due to the stress that is going on in my life right now, but he also thinks the fact that I'm much more active lately has helped me drop weight lately. When I thought back over the past few months it didn't seem like I had been any more active than I "normally" am, but when he pointed out to me that I've been taking walks with the dogs a few times a week for a while now and that during the week that my nephew passed away I was up and going for several days in a row, it made a little more sense. No, that's not that much more extra activity, but I also am up and down and walking all around the house doing housework and taking care of the dogs as well.

So, I guess if I want to keep dropping all these extra pounds I've put on over the past few years I just need to keep staying active. The weather is perfect right now for taking walks, and although I don't necessarily feel comfortable walking by myself, I do feel more comfortable walking with one of the dogs! If I could drop about another 40 pounds I'd be THRILLED!

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