Friday, August 22, 2008

Not a very happy camper right now

I TOTALLY understand that bills have due dates, I also totally understand that if you don't pay said bills by their due dates you can run into things like losing your internet connection. What I don't understand is why and how a company can get away with "accidentally" disconnecting you earlier that the date you are told you will be disconnected then tell you that since it's already been disconnected they can't turn it back on, even though it was shut off "accidentally".

Times are rough for everyone right now, I don't live in a fantasy world that makes me believe that my family are the only one's experiencing financial difficulties right now. Heck, at least 99% of my friends are having troubles paying their bills as well.

As you know, we live way out in the country. I do love living out there, but one thing I DO NOT like is the fact that the phone company that offers service at our address holds a monopoly in the area for phone and DSL service. No other company offers these and cable is also not available where I'm at. So I have no other choice or options if I want home phone and DSL service. Well, there is another option for internet, which is satellite internet, but that's at a not a price I'm willing to pay!

We've put up with the horrible service from this company for over 3 years now and I'm no happier with them or their services today than I was from the start! We pay a premium price for substandard services and I don't think that's right! But we have no other options. I've BEGGED the cable company to offer service out here, even took a petition around the neighborhood asking people to sign it if and only if they'd sign up for cable services if they came to our area. There were more than enough signatures to have made it worth their while, but they politely said they weren't interested.

All I can say is that I TOTALLY believe in Karma, what comes around, goes around. I hope these companies have gotten darned good life insurance quotes, because the day is going to come where they start getting back what they've been giving, and when it does, they're not going to like it very well!

So, to make a long story short, I'm temporarily off line. It could be back on today, or it could be as long as the end of next week. I'm over at a friends house right now "stealing" her wireless connection as well as spending a little time with her! Thank goodness for fantastic friends! Especially ones with wireless internet....LOL

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