Thursday, July 10, 2008

While flipping channels

I've been sitting here today flipping channels in between the stuff I've been doing around the house. I'm really getting bored with the shows I normally watch and just wanted something different for a change. I tell you, there are some VERY interesting shows on TV today!

First off, I think there has to be at least a bazillion different shopping channels! If you aren't into jewelry ones, there are ones for things like sports memorabilia, home furnishings and even antiques. I'm watching one now that shows people heading out to flea markets and garage sales to buy items to fix and repair only to turn around and sell themselves. They just bought the strangest chandelier I have ever seen as well as a really cool suit of armor. They ended up painting the chandelier and putting some beads and stuff on it and it turned out really neat looking, but they totally polished the suit of armor and it looked totally amazing!

I need to get a life...LOL! Flipping channels on a warm summer day isn't very fun. But finding some neat new shows to check out sure was!

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