Thursday, July 10, 2008

The trip out went WELL!

We left out for Baltimore just before the sun came up Monday morning. We had a last minute "addition" for passengers and ended up taking one of our dogs along, but she did WONDERFUL and I'll gladly take her on another road trip any time!

We made it to my step daughters home just before 4:00 PM Monday evening, the trip out took a bit longer than we had expected, but with the normal restroom stops and stops for the dog, it was to be expected. It was a very nice trip and everything went well! We got to spend the evening out there and have dinner with her and her boyfriend, then we all CRASHED!

We got up Tuesday morning, grabbed some coffee and sat out on the deck talking while our two kids slept in. It was a wonderful morning, sunny and not too warm, but we knew we couldn't sit and talk, so about 8:30 we grabbed showers and started packing up the van for the trip home.

Although we were leaving the two kids there, we ended up with a full van for the trip home. My step daughter had several items that she cuoldn't store and had to get rid of and we ended up bringing home a very nice glider rocker and a 20 and 27 inch tv. The rocker will be given to my sister in law, she still has no furniture in her living room. But we're keeping both of the TV's with the 27 inch going in our son's room and the 20 inch already hooked up in ours!

Now we just have to get through the next 3 weeks and we'll be on our way back out there. Unfortunately we developed some problems with the transmission in my van on the trip home, so we have to get that worked on before we head back out, but everything will be OK!

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