Sunday, July 06, 2008

I hate being broke!

I'm sorry to complain, but I'm tired of the run around that my husbands company has been giving him, it's really starting to get annoying! One week he'll have a decent week hours wise, the next week, he's lucky if he gets one or two days. He's put up with this for over a year, and keeps hanging on because his bosses keep saying "More hours are coming, just hang in there". I wish I could believe them when they say stuff like this, but after hearing it for over a year, I just can't!

We're leaving tomorrow to take the kids out to their sisters house for a month. This is a trip that's been planned for a few months now and we originally had planned to fly them out. But the price of their plane tickets skyrocketed because of the cost of fuel, so we've opted to drive them out instead. That is going to cost less than flying them, but my hubby had a REALLY bad check this week because of lack of hours a few weeks ago, and with the bills that had to be paid this week, making this trip is going to be really tight!

I'm hoping that he gets word soon about the new job that he applied for. The pay is better, the hours are solid and steady and it will make the difference between not quite making it and being able to keep our heads above the water!

I'm hoping that once we can get things caught up that we can start putting some money aside to invest or something, maybe even find a good futures broker that can give us some good investment advice! But for now, I'll just keep doing what I can do to get us by.

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