Saturday, May 24, 2008

You learn something new every day!

I the proud owner of a 22 inch widescreen LCD computer monitor. I LOVE my monitor almost as much as I love my husband...LOL! Just kidding! But I really do like this monitor and what it offers me. It is on a swivel/pivot mount and I can use it either vertically or horizontally.

My only "complaint" is that when the kids are out here playing video games, they're not always as careful as they should be and have actually hit my monitor a few times. Thankfully no one has damaged it "yet", but I know that the days of having my monitor where it's at are numbered!

While walking up to my desk earlier I noticed some "holes" in the back of the monitor that I had never noticed before, which piqued my curiosity. I got to looking at the back of the monitor and called my husband over to ask his opinion. See, what I realized when I noticed what was on the back of my monitor is the fact that it's actually possible to use an lcd mount for a TV of the same size and mount my monitor to the wall. This is a good thing because I could get one of the mounts that has a swivel bar and that would allow me to not have to have my desk so that's a HUGE bonus! Now I just have to shop around and find one that has awesome quality ratings so that I don't have to worry about the mount breaking and my monitor falling off the wall!

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