Saturday, May 24, 2008

She made me cry!

Yesterday was my daughters last day of 7th grade, only one more year and I'll have TWO kids in High School! But when she came out of school she handed me a piece of paper and when I turned it over I read something that brought tears to my eyes!

My daughter has always worked very hard at being a good student and getting good grades, sometimes to the point of totally stressing herself out. But this year she did such a great job that she received The Presidential Award for Academic Excellence, signed by Dubya himself! Of course you and I both know that Dubya didn't sign it personally, but it's still a really cool thing! Especially given all of the things that she's gone through this year from having a classmate that thought it would be a good thing to make my daughters life a living heck!

I'm thinking about taking her award and having custom picture framing done for it! She's received many awards for grades over her school years, but this one is really special!

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