Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why is it such a fight?

As a parent of two teens, each day presents a new "adventure" as well as plenty of arguments. For instance, take the most recent argument I had with my daughter.

She is definitely your "typical" girl, meaning she goes through outfit after outfit before finally deciding what she wants to wear to school, or town. But, the clothes that weren't chosen end up on the floor of her room or her closet. I've put a large tote in her room for her to put her dirty clothes in, but I'm seeing more and more clothes in it that were merely tried on and never worn.

So I sat down and had a talk with her, explaining that since she's now out of school for the summer and doesn't have the responsibility of homework, sports and projects, she now has to kick in more with chores around the house, and more specifically, keeping her room and her clothes picked up. This lead into nearly a full blow argument with her trying to convince me that having her help around the house "isn't fair".

Good grief kid, I'm just asking you to pick up after yourself and to try and stop being such a slob, it's not like I'm asking you to crack open my business marketing books to do some market research. I know that I haven't done the best job at teaching either of my children to be responsible for themselves, but let me tell you, this WILL be the summer that changes!

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