Saturday, May 17, 2008

Speaking of my smaller kitchen

The kitchen at the other house is one of the things that I miss the most! It was a HUGE country kitchen! The room itself was nearly 20 foot by 20 foot, and 2 entire walls were filled with upper and lower cabinets! Then there was a partial wall of cabinets around the stove. It was set up so nicely and gave me more than enough cabinet space for what I needed.

The kitchen in this house, however, is REALLY REALLY sad! Prior to the cabinets we added a few weeks ago, I had a grand total of two upper cabinets and four lower ones, PERIOD! But we were given some really nice cabinets from my sister as well as a pantry cabinet. The cabinets were upper cabinets that needed to be hung, and then below them we have the refrigerator and the pantry cabinet. In between the refrigerator and the pantry cabinet we installed a 6 foot length of counter top that is supported by 6 heavy duty spindle type legs. It looks FANTASTIC!

But that new length of counter reminds me daily of how badly the counter and sinks that were installed in the house when we moved need to be replaced! The counter is white with gold speckles and the sinks are white porcelain and permanently stained. But replacing them will be a major undertaking, and just not something we want or have to do right now.

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