Monday, May 12, 2008

Stimulus Check Wish List

My husband and I have a few plans that we hope to fulfill when our stimulus check arrives, most of which are wishes, and more than likely they will be outweighed by the needs.

One of the "biggest" things that we really wanted to do was replace our current TV with a shiny, new LCD TV. We weren't wanting to replace it because it was something that was necessary, well, not for out here at least. We were hoping to replace it and do what I've been referring to as the "TV Shuffle"....LOL!

See, the TV out here in the family room works just fine, it's a BIG 36 inch RCA that we purchased approximately 7 years ago. It still has a beautiful picture, so it's still very usable. But here's what we had hoped to do. We'd replace the TV out here in the family room, then take this one and move it up to the living room. The TV in the living room is a 24 inch that we purchased about 2 years ago, and also still works fine. Then we'd take the 24 inch from the living room and give that one to our son, who is currently using a VERY old TV that has a 4 inch strip of green lines at the top of it. His TV is the one that HAS to be replaced. And yes, it would be much less expensive to just go ahead and replace his TV, but with my recent winning of a Nintendo Wii, the thought of playing it on a nice LCD TV was VERY tempting.

But, unfortunately, it looks like our needs are going to outweigh our wants again, and when our stimulus check does come it will more than likely go on paying off the bills. That's not always a bad thing, as nice as things are to have, it's even nicer to know that our bills are paid off!

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