Saturday, May 17, 2008

Less or more, which is better?

Since moving into this house last Autumn, the one thing that we've learned to do is minimize! We went from a house with nearly 3,000 square foot of living space, to a house with not quite 1,600 square foot of living space. Both houses have their good and bad points, but even though there is less space, I honestly like this house better!

The other house was set up VERY strangely! It was your "typical" built in the 1940's type of house! The layout of the house was not open, and the rooms felt very "boxy" and closed in! The kitchen and dining room were quite large, but the living room was so small that things like end tables or coffee tables simply weren't an option!

This house has a much more open floor plan and although the rooms are smaller, they're more appropriately sized rather than a couple that are larger than necessary and others that are simply too small! Plus we gained a second bathroom when we moved into this house as well, and with a family of four that includes two teenagers, a second bathroom is a HUGE bonus! We lost the dining room, but we have a living room and a family room here, which gives the teens their space and my hubby and I get our space!

So in some ways, more is better, but in comparing the two houses we've recently lived in, I'd have to say that this time, less is better!!

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