Saturday, May 10, 2008

Must have's for my trip

With just barely two weeks until I leave, I really need to start getting in gear and getting things ready to go! I've got to dig out the one suitcase I have and measure it to make suer it's small enough to be a carry on bag for the flight home, if not I'll need to either find something else that will work or purchase a new suitcase that is the right size.

I also HAVE to go shoe shopping. Now, I'm not your "typical" female in this area. Although most women love to go shoe shopping, I'm not a fan of shoe shopping. I typically have a difficult time finding shoes that I like that fit and are within the price range I'm willing to spend. I've had terrible feet and leg problems all my life, when I was a young child I wore leg braces and through my early teens could wear nothing but corrective shoes. It wasn't until Phys Ed was required in high school that I owned my first pair of tennis shoes, and I was only allowed to wear them for Phys Ed and nothing else.

Thankfully all of the time and effort that my parents spent paid off because there is almost no way possible to tell now that I ever had a problem. But I'm still very careful with the shoes that I wear and have only found a few different brands that have looked good and supported my feet well. One of the brands that I like the best are Ecco shoes! They offer a line of shoes that not only gives your feet support, but they are also EXTREMELY comfortable as well as affordable! I've had my eye on a pair of their sandals for the past two years and this trip gives me a great excuse and reason to go ahead and buy them!

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