Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm not the only one going out of town

Although I'm not leaving for my trip until Monday evening, my sister and her family, as well as my mother and step father, left for Pigeon Forge, TN very early yesterday morning for a week long vacation. My sister, however, had WAY more stuff to do to get ready for her trip than I do for mine!

They recently had a new roof and eaves troughs put on their house and in the process they realized how badly their exterior shutters needed to be replaced. But with everything she does and getting ready for the trip, she waited until the last minute to paint the shutters and it wasn't until Thursday evening before the paint had dried enough for them to be fully handled and hung.

Personally, I think, if she hadn't have spent so many hours out shopping with her friends, she'd have been able to have gotten them painted and hung much earlier than she did. But, that's just my opinion, if you asked her if she spent too much time shopping, she'd ask you what drugs you were on...LOL!

I talked to her last night when they called to let me know they made it to their condo safe and sound and she talked about how tired she was after being on the road for 9 hours, I wanted to tell her to quit whining since I'm going to be on the road for four days...LOL! But instead I just told her that I hoped they all had a good time!

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