Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Going to San Francisco

I was given a wonderful "gift" and the chance of a lifetime yesterday! One of my dreams has always been to visit San Francisco and see the Golden Gate Bridge. I've bought books about it, I've read online about it, I've dreamt and obsessed about it for most of my adult life...LOL! I don't know if my desire to go there stems from my obsession with the 1960's and Scott McKenzie's song, but I do know that I have been obsessed with going there long enough that it has been suggested to me, on more than one occasion, that I needed to find out if there was addiction treatment for my obsession...LOL!

Anyway, I'll be leaving the end of this month and driving out with my very best friend and her daughter, who is moving to San Jose. The plan is to make several stops along the way to see things like The Painted Desert, The Grand Canyon and The Hoover Dam. We'll hang out for a few days and from what I understand we'll have the chance to go the 50 or so miles from San Jose to see San Francisco before we catch our flight back home. I'll be gone a minimum of a week, but possibly a day or two longer.

I'm in complete and total shock that I'm getting this opportunity! It's definitely a dream come true, and what's even more unbelievable is that I have the support from my husband and kids to go! I honestly thought that I'd get some sort of fight from at least one of them about going. But they all are almost as excited as I am! So, in honor of my trip, I found a video of one of my all time favorite songs that I'll leave you with!

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