Monday, April 14, 2008

Some of the best things about Spring

There are TONS of things that make Spring awesome! Being able to open up the windows to smell the fresh air and feel the breeze is probably at the top of the best things about Spring for me! I also look forward to putting the winter coats, hats, gloves and boots up in the attic. Before we moved here, we lived in a house that required us to put up storm windows and plastic on most of the windows and a sure sign of spring was going out and taking down the storm windows and plastic!

But I think one of the things that I like most about the return of Spring and warmer weather is being able to take our down comforters off the beds and put out the light weight quilts that we use. Since my husband is part Eskimo, he dreads the day when I break out the flannel sheets and down comforter. He's naturally very warm blooded and doesn't require all the extra layers to stay warm like I do! So I'm positive he's going to be pleasantly surprised to find that I'm going to get the quilt for our bed out today and put it on the bed!

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