Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Haven't had any luck

Back on Easter I posted about problems that I was experiencing with my other blogs and the company that I have been hosting them with since I started them. Although the problems seem to be over for now, I know that the day will eventually come that there are down times again, it's just part of nature. I'm just hoping that the next time they decide to up and move their servers that they send out an email notification or something rather than just leave people in the dark.

I also said that it had been suggested that I look into purchasing a used cisco server and start hosting my blogs on my own. At first, the technological part of it worried me, but after talking to a few people I'm hearing that it's not as difficult as I thought it might be. Now I just have to get past the cost hurdle because they're a bit pricier than I was thinking they would be. For right now, I'll probably just stick with my current host and see what happens. In some ways it's just easier for them to have to deal with the technical stuff rather than me...LOL!

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