Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring has finally sprung!

After nearly 5 months of bitter cold, snow and ice, it looks like Spring has finally sprung here in NW Ohio. Our temperatures over the weekend have been in the low 60's with minimal wind and almost complete sunshine. We spent the bulk of the day yesterday hanging the "new to us" kitchen cabinets that we got from my sister and brother in law. They look absolutely wonderful! I was so excited about how they made the kitchen look that it actually brought tears to my eyes. Hopefully we'll be able to finish things off next weekend!

But back to the weather, it's just wonderful here today! It's one of those days where you just want to have the windows open so you can feel the breeze. I used to love sitting on my front porch with a cup of coffee, listening to my wind chimes! But when we moved out of our last apartment we accidentally left my wind chimes hanging on the back porch. By the time we remembered and went back to get them, they were no longer hanging there.

I've give my hubby hints that I want new wind chimes this year for Mothers Day, whether or not he'll actually take the hints are a completely different post though LOL!

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