Sunday, March 30, 2008

I need to find something that works!

As a parent, it's very interesting to see your children grow up and become their own person. My son, who is my oldest child, is 15 and decided a while back that he wanted to grow his hair out. I honestly don't mind him having long hair, but I stress to him about how important it is for him to keep it washed and clean! Even though he does a pretty good job of taking care of his hair, because it has gotten so long he's having problems with acne on the areas of his face under his bangs.

I've tired a few different types of acne treatment products, but just haven't found the one that works right for him. As much as I'd love to convince him to cut his hair so that it doesn't hang down on his face so badly, I know that in his eyes, his hair helps define who he is. His grandmother even tried to bribe him into getting it cut, but no dice.

So I guess I'll just keep trying different types of acne treatment products until I find the one that does the best job helping him control his acne.

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