Thursday, March 20, 2008

The ups and downs of working for a newly started company

My husband really loves the job that he's worked for the past 8 months! The pay is very good and the work he is doing is exactly what he always hoped to do! But since it's a newly started company with only a hand full of employees, his employer doesn't offer benefits like health and life insurance yet. They're talking about changing this by this summer, but they're also offering their employees the option of getting their own health and life insurance quotes and they'll pay a portion of the premium.

While that offer is a good option, we're having a difficult time finding quotes that are within our budget. If we knew for sure his work hours finally weren't going to be as sporadic as they have been the past 4 months, then we might have more options. But considering that he's had at least one pay check every month that has had an average of 25 hours total for a 2 week period, we can't take the risk of putting out that kind of money right now. I think we'll just try to stick with it until summer and see what his employer comes up with.

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