Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I need your opinons!

We're currently renting the house that we're living in, but have an absolutely AWESOME landlord who is right on top of things when we need him. He also realizes that there are several major things that really need to be done to the house, like a new roof and new siding as well as both bathrooms and the kitchen needing some updating.

What I need your opinion on is whether or not you think we could get the better deal at the local big box home furnishings store or would we be better off buying a membership at directbuy? I know that directbuy charges a membership fee, but from what I've heard you can purchase merchandise at manufacturer prices without having to pay the traditional retail mark-up, which is sometimes quite a large mark-up! And one of the most well known mark-up areas in retail is home furnishings, with the average home furnishings store raking in a mark-up averaging 43%.

So I'm torn and I thought that maybe those of you that read here could give me some input about what your thoughts are. I know that no matter what, the work that needs to be done isn't going to be cheap, but if I can save the land lord some money, we'll both be happy campers when all the work is done!

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