Friday, March 21, 2008

No need for shades here

It's the first Friday of Spring and it's also Good Friday. Normally it's sunny with mild temps this time of year, the key word being normally. After a totally abnormal winter, we're having an overly cold start to Spring. I don't think nicer temps are that far away though because I just seen my first Spring Robin out in the yard, and they don't come around until all of the really cold weather is behind us!

But with the cold temps and the gray, cloudy skies, our indoor lighting is really proving to be inadequate for the house! A little sunshine goes a long way when you are surrounded by trees, but I may have no choice in upgrading some of our lighting. I know that painting over the dark walls out here in the family room would help, but I honestly love the panelling that is out here and really would hate to cover it up with paint!

I guess I can just wait for better weather, the gray, cloudy skies can't last forever, can they?

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