Sunday, March 09, 2008

Just so out of it!

I tell you, I have been so out of it lately that I just don't feel like myself! I'm not sure if I'm depressed or what, but all I seem to want to do lately is sleep! When I'm awake, I spend the bulk of my time forcing myself to stay awake, even if I'm up and active doing something! I just feel so drained most of the time.

Take yesterday for example. I slept until a little past 7:00 AM, got up and made coffee, looked outside and the YUCKIE snow that was falling once again, let the dogs out and turned on the news. I was meeting my mom up in Michigan around 10:00 and I knew with the weather we were having that I was going to have to leave the hosue no later than 9:00 AM, so I didn't waste any time messing around.

The drive up to Michigan, which normally takes about 40 minutes, took an hour and a half because of how bad the roads were. Then I found out that my sister heard about my plans to meet mom and decided that she wanted to see me too, so she was going to meet up with us as well. Honestly, I think it has more that she can't stand my having a moment alone with mom than her wanting to see me, but that's just my opinion.

My sister ended up hijacking our plans and convinced mom that we needed to go to the mall rather than where we were meeting, which irritated the heck out of me! I should be used to it by now, but it still annoys me! We wrapped things up around noon and I headed back home, hoping that the roads would be a little better, but they weren't, if anything, they were worse, and it took almost double the normal time to get home as well!

By the time I got home I was completely and totally exhausted! I was sitting in the recliner flipping channels on the TV, but was so out of it that my husband said it was almost like I was in a daze! All I wanted to do was make a nice cup of hot tea and find something good to watch, but it seemed like every channel I tuned in was showing commercials for mesothelioma lawyers.

I finally found a good movie and was enjoying my tea when the phone rang. It was my sister and she said that she REALLY needed us to come to her house right away, there wasn't anything wrong, they just needed us up there ASAP! I could have dealt with it if it were still daylight outside, but it was 6:00 and almost completely dark out.

BUT, she felt she needed us up there, so we went. And it wasn't that bad because I wasn't the one that was driving, but UGH, the roads were still really, really horrible!!! But we had a nice evening with them and they gave us a wonderful gift as a thank you for the many hours of work we put into getting their new house ready for them to move into, which was totally unexpected! And when we got home, I FINALLY got to relax for a bit and get a good nights sleep as well! So, it honestly wasn't "that" bad. And I also don't feel as out of it today, so hopefully I'll start feeling better!

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