Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do the stars REALLY need goodie bags?

First, I am THRILLED that the writers strike is over! I think it's too late for this TV show season, but I'm glad that the strike has been settled! I'm not one to follow famous TV and movie stars, nor am I one to pay much attention to the awards shows. But since the buzz about tonights Oscar Awards is all over the news, it's kind of hard to not pay attention.

One thing that caught my attention was hearing about some goodie bags that are going to be given away. Inside them are some rather expensive gifts ranging from things like candies and luxury watches to bath robes and spa treatments. Yes, the award winners have worked hard on their movies and TV shows, but it just seems kind of silly to me for them to get such extravagant items, especially when they can afford to pay for them. I can think of ways that kind of money could definitely be much better spent, but then again I'm a very frugal person....LOL.

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