Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

I'm sorry that I forgot to wish you a Happy Easter! It's not been the best of days here and my mind hasn't been where it should be. I have a couple of other blogs that I host through a popular web hosting company and I discovered this morning that my blogs were down and the reason they were was because my hosting company was moving some of their servers.

Now I do understand that sometimes web hosting companies are going to experience down time and I also understand that it can also be a good thing when they move their servers. But I also feel that giving people who pay you for a service a little bit of notice that what they pay you for isn't going to be working is just common courtesy!

I've had a couple of people suggest to me that I look into some of the good deals that are available on used cisco servers and start being my own server rather than paying someone to do it for me. As appealing as that is right now, I'm not tech smart enough to do it. But I'm definitely going to keep it in mind!

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