Friday, February 08, 2008

New tires and shiny things...LOL!

My husband finally broke down today and bought new tires for his truck today. I've been on him for months to get them replaced, but I think it was my near miss accident last night that finally made him realize he just didn't have a choice any longer.

My daughter and I were coming back from the grocery store last night and the car in front of me made one of those last second left turn decisions. Fortunately I didn't end up eating the back end of the car, but it scared she and I to death! So when I got home I told my husband that until he replaced the tires he wouldn't have to worry about me driving his truck.

Since he didn't have to work today he decided he'd head out first thing this morning and find some new tires for his truck. He had found some that he liked that were in his price range a couple of weeks ago, so he first went to see if those were still in stock. They were so he got everything set to have them put on his truck. A little while later they called him up to the desk and told him that because of problems with his lug nuts their company policy prohibited them from installing tires on his truck. So, we left. Anyone with any clue about lug nuts knows that Ford lug nuts are known for problems. See, rather than make a solid steel lug nut, Ford makes a lug nut that is steel with a "pretty" capper. But the cappers are known for stripping and literally falling off the base of the lug nuts. But the place we were at refused to take the time necessary and actually replace the lug nuts that were faulty.

At first he was a bit upset about it, but what the heck can you do, ya know? So we went to another place just down the road and talked to them. They had tires that would fit his truck, but the tread pattern went East/West on the tire rather than North/South, which isn't the best type of tread to put on a truck, so we walked out of there. At the third place we went to he found an AWESOME set of tires that actually ended up being only a few dollars per tire more than the original ones, but these had a much better tread on them! Of course the salesman couldn't skip the chance to try and sell my husband all the fancy chrome accessories that would make his truck look "pretty". But the reality is that it's a rusty Ford truck with almost 200,000 miles on it and a little bit of chrome really won't make it look any better...LOL

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