Sunday, January 27, 2008

Suggestions for my sick daughter

My daughter has spent the past 4 days running a low grade fever and coughing. During the day she does OK, but at night she's just miserable. The poor kid cannot take any type of liquid medications, as soon as she swallows them, they come right back up. She's been like this since she was very little, so it has proven to be a challenge, especially when she has a could with a bad cough! One of the biggest things that I've stressed with both kids over the years is that when they are sick like this, liquids are very important, so my daughter has gotten into the habit of taking a drink of water or juice after nearly every cough. The other thing that I have her do at night is make sure that she sleeps with her head propped up. Fortunately, she has enough pillows to do this, but sometimes I think it would be much easier if she had one of those adjustable beds! Overall, she is much better today, so hopefully she'll be well enough to go to school tomorrow!

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