Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The joys of reformatting a computer

Recently I was fortunate enough to have been able to purchase a new computer for myself. And although I replaced my computer, the one that I was replacing was still working. So I decided that I would reformat it and give it to my 12 year old. Now, since I had reformatted this computer at least 3 other times, I figured it would be a breeze! That's what I get for thinking something like that!

The original reformat disks were no where to be found when I was ready to start the task at hand. I knew that I had put them in the filing cabinet the last time I had used them, but they weren't there when I needed them. After some online research I decided to go ahead and reformat the computer from a Windows CD since I knew that I had a legal and legitimate key for it.

Things were going well and the screen popped up for me to enter the key number. Apparently my vision has changed drastically since the last time I had to read the numbers off my computer. Thankfully I had a couple of different sized magnifying glasses available so that I could enlarge the numbers big enough to read them. Once I was able to enter the key, things sailed along smoothly and the end result was a newly formatted computer that was MUCH better than the one that my daughter had been using. She's happy, I'm happy, can life get better? LOL

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