Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Forget the bathroom, lets work on the kitchen!

As it is, I'm actually very happy with our house, and there really isn't much that I would change about it. There has been talk about making some changes in the front bathroom, but I don't think that is a major priority right now. What I do think needs to be our first priority in fixing up is the kitchen. Size wise, it is nice, but the current cabinet and appliance layout is all wrong and there is nowhere near enough cabinets or counter space! On top of that we really need replace the counter and check out kitchen faucets to replace the one we have that actually has a broken knob for the hot water.

The layout actually offers us many different options which could actually make the kitchen comparable with the kitchen of my dreams...LOL! But that kitchen is a few years away, so for now I'll just fix the necessary things and work with what I have!

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