Sunday, December 02, 2007

If I ever replace Rhonda

In case you don't know it, I have this "obsession" with naming my cars. Every car I've owned since my first car when I was 19 has had a name. I'm currently driving a 1992 Honda and named her Rhonda the Honda...LOL! Several years ago, when my hubby and I were kind of separated, I was driving a VERY crappy mini van. I was struggling to make ends meet for the kids and I and every time I turned around my van was breaking down. My husband had always been my mechanic, and since he wasn't around I couldn't ask him to fix it. So that meant that every time it broke down I had to take it somewhere to get it fixed, which meant I had to pay out money that I honestly couldn't afford.

A family from my church had recently purchased a new vehicle. They were showing me their new car when they asked me if I wanted their old car. When I explained to them that I couldn't afford to purchase it, they explained to me that they didn't want to sell it to me, they wanted to give it to me, so that I could have a reliable car to drive.

That was almost 5 years ago, and I am thrilled to say that my Honda has been the most reliable vehicle that I have ever had! I've put well over 100,000 miles on her since I've had her and she has over 250,000 miles total. She's not the prettiest thing to look at, but she still goes down the road every time I need her to!

I've been thinking about donating my Honda as a car donation to one of the many places that help low income and homeless families. Considering the fact that my Honda was given to me when I was going through a time of need, I feel it would the right thing to do the same when I finally can replace it!

Car Angel uses the money that they make from these donations to produce free videos for kids, here is an example of one of their videos that shows kids how much your life can change if you use drugs

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