Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is a nifty bit of technology!

I'm not sure about you, but here in my town, traffic can be a nightmare. It seems as if every where I turn there is some sort of construction or road project going on. And if it's not one of those, then it's an accident or a broken down car. No matter what it is, it always seems as I get stuck in some sort of traffic snarl on a regular basis, leaving me wishing that I could have access to a real time traffic report.

A man by the name of Ryan Peterson has come up with a gadget called TrafficGauge that gives the user real time access to traffic information in the palm of their hand for less than $80.00. The technology is currently available in the hand held version in a few select areas of California, but I'm sure it's popularity will grown and this will be available across the country in no time at all! They also currently offer real time online traffic information for 17 major cities across the US, so be sure to check if your area is covered before you head out on the road!

TrafficGauge device offers real-time traffic anytime, anywhere with the TrafficGauge handheld, TrafficGauge for Cell, TrafficGauge for PC, TrafficGauge for Widget Suite and TrafficGauge for iPhone. Each product or service offers simple to use and easy to read traffic maps. These maps are the best in the industry. The device is an award winning, customer-loving favorite for navigating traffic in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The cell phone and PC/Mac software is free and works in most major metropolitan markets.

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