Sunday, June 17, 2007

While I'm at it

Since I'm in such a posting mood today, I probably should give you a school update. I have 2 more days of classes and this semester is over....YAY!!!!!! It's gone fairly well, but I came to a conclusion this past Wednesday night.

I was having some major problems in my HTML class, and was really struggling to keep up in class. I wasn't the only one, because what we're doing right now is kind of tough. But I think the instructor may have a problem with me because he only came to help me one time in the entire 2 1/2 hour class. At one point I was almost in tears and by the time I got to my car when I did finally give up and pack up my stuff to leave I was in a full blown asthma attack because I was so upset.

Since this specific instructor is the ONLY instructor for all of the web classes, Ive decided that it's in the best interest for me to transfer to a different school. So I made several phone calls and ultimately found a school to transfer to. It's going to be a little bit longer drive, but I honestly think it's really going to be a much better place for me to go to school. I went yesterday and took my placement testing and scheduled my classes for the fall semester(after finding out that NONE of my credits are going to transfer).

The other really neat thing is that because of transferring schools, I have TWO months off school this summer!!!!!!

So, that's it, the latest on me and school. I was really tempted to just say to heck with it and not go back at all, but this is my dream, this is what I want to do, and dang it, I'M GOING TO DO IT!!!!!

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