Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A quiet morning in my quiet space

It's a beautiful morning here in NW Ohio! Yesterday we had a high temperature of 73, over night it barely went below 60 and this morning I already have windows open. The sun is just starting to make it so that I can see things outside, but barely, and the birds are singing away! I am so ready for the weather to be like this daily! But today is the end for a while, cold weather is heading back in and by this weekend it will be back down into the 30's :-(

As usual, when the weather changes I get sick, and I can feel one heck of a cold coming on. I've got that thick feeling in my head and a scratchy achy feeling in my throat. I worry that this year will be as bad as last year or 2 years prior to that, when I ended up getting pneumonia, but I'm going to do my best to keep that from happening!

Not much going on today, I've got some laundry to catch up on as well as a few things around the house that will keep me busy. But I wanted to make sure I stopped in here and said hello! Hope your day goes well!

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