Friday, February 09, 2007


For the first time in quite some time, I'm not sure if I'm glad it's Friday...LOL! The kids only went to school 3 days this week, so it was a very short week, and I've really enjoyed my time at home. But it is going to be a "video night" tomorrow night, so I do have that to look forward to!

Please don't think that I don't like being around my kids, because I do. But sometimes I just need a break from them! I'm very happy to say that it is warming up, a little. Today's high temp is supposed to be near 20, and with the windchill around 10 ABOVE zero for a change! I just keep thinking that spring isn't that far away. The kids have even noticed that it's much lighter when they get on the bus, which is always a good sign that winter is moving out!

So, TGIF everyone! I hope your Friday goes well and you have a wonderful weekend!

After I posted this I realized that I never shared my new pictures of the kids with you, sorry about that! I finally broke down and purchased a new digital camera since I was positive that I wasn't going to be one of the lucky winners of the HP cameras from PayPerPost. I LOVE my new camera, it meets and exceeds what I hoped it would be! So here are the first AMAZING pics I took of the kids!(If you click on them you can see them bigger, which, in MY opinion, look beter ;-) )

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