Thursday, December 28, 2006

Passing The Bug

Yeah, it's kind of like playing pass the buck, the only difference is you're passing a bug from one family member to another. First my youngest was sick, she started not feeling good on Saturday and finally finished up yesterday. But yesterday when hubby got home he wasn't feeling well, so he hit the couch and slept for like 5 hours straight. He still felt like crud this morning so he took the kids into town to meet the cab that takes them to their program, then he took a sick day and came home. About noon or so I started feeling like crud so I laid down, but thanks to the dogs didn't get any "real" rest. It will definitely be an early night, especially since the kids have to be to the dentist at 7:45 tomorrow morning **UGH** I just feel completely exhausted and am sure if I went to bed now that I'd easily sleep through til morning!

So, that's how you play pass the bug, anyone else want to join in?


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